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USA Patient Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery in India


patient-testimonial- usa-bariatric-weight-loss-surgery-shelly-klassy
Ms. Shelly Klassy, California – USA
Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery in India


“Hi, I am Shelly Klassy from California USA. I chose Bariatric Surgery in India. For a long time I was struggling to get rid of the surplus fat from my body. But I realized that it is not an easy process for everyone. Even I had seen some of my friends, who could shed off the weight by dieting and regular exercising. I was in fact burdened majorly due to this issue and had started facing issues like joint pain, High Blood Pressure and other health problems. It was high time that I did something seriously about my weight.”

“My family doctor advised me about Bariatric Surgeries, which are also known as Weight Loss Surgeries. I was not sure but since I was desperate for the right treatment, I started researching about it. I did come across different types of Weight Loss surgeries. The reviews about these were very good and results too were shown to be very safe. By now, I was quite convinced about these surgeries.”

“But being such advanced surgeries, I thought that the cost of these surgeries would be very high and surely it was. I found that the cost of the Weight Loss Surgeries was extremely high along with the other associated expenses. So, I researched about the possibility of these procedures in different countries like UK, USA, Singapore, etc. But the prices were out of my budget. But in comparison to this, when I saw the costs of Bariatric Surgery in India, I was very surprised as the cost difference was huge. It was very reasonably and I could afford it. Next task for me was to choose a good hospital and an Obesity Surgeon. While searching for these, I read about a group named Cosmetic and Obesity Surgery Hospital India, which helps international patients like me, who are looking for Bariatric Surgeries in India.”

“I contacted the group through the contact details given on the website and quite soon, a representative of the group called me and briefed me about the whole process. They requested me send my latest medical reports and got them evaluated by an experienced Cosmetic Surgeon of India, with whom I was offered a telephonic consultation too. The surgeon helped me in understanding the surgery, which cleared my doubts.
Not only this, I was very happy with the affordable packages of Bariatric Surgery in India offered by the group. Once finalized, the group handled it all – my medical visa, stay in India, pick up and drop from the airport – for me and my travel companion, local conveyance, appropriate food, and much more. On the finalized date, I travelled to India for the surgery that had been arranged at one of the best Hospitals for Weight Loss Surgery in India.”

“The representative of Cosmetic and Obesity Surgery Hospital India was always there to handle any problems that I might face. The person also shared regular updates with my family members back home. The surgeon and his team not only were meticulous during pre-surgery phase, but they very carefully monitored my post-surgery phase too. This was a big respite for me. I never faced any post-surgery complications and proper medications were given to keep the post-surgery pain and discomfort at the minimum level. Also, the very friendly and efficient hospital staff ensured supreme care, helped me prepare prior to the surgery as well as during my recovery too. In a short span of six days, I was discharged and was ready to travel.”

“Today I have totally recovered, and back to usual routine. I am extremely gratified with the outcome of the surgery. I can say with utmost confidence that those wanting to undergo a Weight Loos Surgery must go to India because it is the best destination for such modern treatment and surgeries. Thanks to the Obesity Surgeon of India, that I have got a fresh lease of life, free from the discomfort of excess weight. Also, when you have chosen to get Bariatric Surgery done in India, without any doubts, you can get your medical tour planned by outstanding team of Cosmetic and Obesity Surgery Hospital India.”

Thank you
Ms. Shelly Klassy, California – USA