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New Zealand Patient Breast Implants Surgery in India



Ms. Kristy, New Zealand
Breast Implants Surgery in India



“Hi, I am Kristy from New Zealand. Like most other women, I too wished to have a perfect and well-contoured body. I was more specifically interested in enhancing the size of my breast region, as perfect-shaped and symmetrical Breasts play a very crucial role in making a woman look beautiful and complete. However, unfortunately, I was not quite satisfied with the shape and size of my Breasts. This made me feel quite inferior to the women in my friend circle. I did hear about various kinds of Cosmetic procedures, but at the same time, I was scared if something goes wrong then that would be a terrible damage. A visit to a Cosmetologist helped in changing the perception, where he suggested about Breast Augmentation procedure with the help of implants. But when he mentioned the cost of the procedure, it was very high.”

“Out of curiosity, I did research about the cost of this surgery in other countries. Amongst all of them, Breast Augmentation Surgery in India looked the most affordable. In fact, the cost difference was huge. During my research about finding the right hospital and Cosmetic surgeon, I came across a website called Cosmetic and Obesity Surgery Hospital India. I found the details very good and cost effective. Also, the website mentioned that the top hospitals and Cosmetic Clinics of India as well as the best Cosmetic Surgeons of India too are empanelled with this group.”

“I got in touch with the group through the email id given on the website. Very soon, a representative of Cosmetic and Obesity Surgery Hospital India, connected with me and their guidance was exceptional and the whole process for me was a very smooth one. Belonging to a different country, it is very challenging task to get in touch with such highly esteemed Cosmetic surgeons, but this group Cosmetic and Obesity Surgery Hospital India made it possible by arranging my appointment with him. Along with it, my worries like the medical visa, where am I going to stay, will I get suitable food, airport pick and drop, language issues – all of these were handled with ease by the group. the representative was constantly in my touch to ensure that I didn’t have any trouble. Once everything was settled, I reached India for my Breast Augmentation surgery, which I later came to know is also known as a Mammoplasty.”

“The group had arranged a very comfortable accommodation for me. The next day I was taken to the hospital to meet the doctor. Meeting one of the top Cosmetic Surgeons of India was a blessing for me, which has given me a lifetime solution to my problem. He sounded extremely confident throughout the conversation. This boosted my confidence level that I have taken the right decision by choosing this surgery. The surgeon also guided me about how the whole surgery is going to be done, the pros and cons. He also told me that the result of a Breast Implant Surgery varies from person to person and that I need to have very realistic expectations. I liked the surgeon for this transparent approach. Everything went on very smoothly during the surgery. Breast Implants were implanted for the surgery, that the surgeon had told me, are very modern types of implants. These implants can give very natural looking Breasts and enhance the contour. The incisions needed for this surgery were very small and hence, the recovery time was very short.With the help of the after cure, I was able to travel back home very soon.”

“The surgery is a boon for women like me and the Cosmetic surgeons of India are very adept and thus, the success rate of Breast Augmentation Surgery in India is very high. Today, I am home and have recovered completely. I am extremely happy with the results. I feel so confident and good about myself.I cannot express how thankful I am to the whole team of Cosmetic and Obesity Surgery Hospital India. Also, I would like to thank the surgeon and his team for ensuring utmost results of this surgery.”

Thank you
Kristy, New Zealand