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Sleeve gastrectomy with duodenal switch Reviews Why You Should Go for the Surgery in India

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Sleeve gastrectomy with duodenal switch Overview

Sleeve gastrectomy with duodenal switch in India is a variation of the bilopancreatic surgery. That part of the stomach with a greater curve is resented. What happens during the course of the surgery is that the stomach is tubulized with a residential volume of 150 ml. It is functionally and anatomically reversible. A long term solution is provided for people who are obese. The surgery limits the amount of food which one can hold and the number of calories that can be absorbed by the body.

How do I know if I am a good candidate for Sleeve gastrectomy with duodenal switch Procedure?

The ideal candidate for this form of surgery is someone who:

  • Is a victim of diabetes or has body mass index of 60 or so
  • An individual who is an insulin dependent diabetic and statistics reveal that they have the highest cure rate with this procedure.

testimonial-icon Check out the Patient Testimonial, where the patient shares about their success stories from treatments through Cosmetic and Obesity Surgery hospital India.

Hello, I am Scarlett Johnson from UK. I visited India for my sleeve gastrectomy with duodenal switch. I battled with overweight since I was 10 years old. I was always teased and so I became withdrawn and food and chocolates became a great comfort for me. Eventually, it took its toll on my health. After many failed attempts to lose weight, my doctor recommended me to go for surgery. But the cost of surgery was way beyond my budget and so I started searching for affordable treatments. I came across your website and after contacting them, gave my consent to get my procedure in India. At the hospital, I met my surgeon who cleared all my queries and made me feel warm and comfortable. His entire staff was very professional, encouraging and promptly gave all the information I needed to get through the procedure. I am happy for all the support I got from the beginning to the post-op by your healthcare company. It has helped improve my health, self-esteem and the relationship with my family. Post surgery, now I sleep better at night, make healthy food choices and also enjoy shopping- because now I can actually purchase the clothes I like. I would definitely recommend surgery for anyone tired of being unhealthy. It was indeed a life-changing experience for me, you guys are doing an amazing job!

Sleeve gastrectomy with duodenal switch Procedure & Recovery

It is similar to the sleeve gastrectomy, most of the cells and the stomach containing Gherlin is removed, thereby reducing the appetite of an individual. The remaining portion of the stomach is stapled off creating a 2 to 4 ounce pouch which is then connected to the enteric limb that diverts the food and in the process prevents it from mixing with the digestive juices.

The surgery roughly takes in the region of 1 to 2 hours to perform. The patients can leave the hospital one or two days after the surgery. The return to work depends upon the type of work one is involved in. After the surgery, the patients will be on a liquid diet and then proceed to solid foods within one week. The food will be so soft, that it can pass through the pouch

There is an average weight loss of 60 to 80%, which is the excess weight. It results in a higher level of patient satisfaction as the patients are able to consume moderate sized meals. It works as a blessing in disguise that have tried all other weight bearing mechanisms and failed to yield the desired results.

Why Opting Sleeve gastrectomy with duodenal switch is necessary?

Sleeve gastrectomy with duodenal switch in India reviews of patients point to the fact that it is a form of weight loss program which can follow. The overall experience of patient states that the weight loss of patients is close to 90 % in 2 years. In fact the weight loss from this form of surgery can be so dramatic that it becomes difficult to recognize an individual. The benefits of this surgery are:

  • It is the most powerful weight loss procedure, and average excess weight loss is somewhere in the region of 80 to 90 %
  • One of the most effective procedures for reducing or eliminating diabetes
  • Close to 200 to 400 calories may be lost due to malabsorption
  • No form of adjustments needed and no intestinal bypass or help of foreign body needed.
  • Allows the normal function of the stomach
  • Consider a safe form of surgery for patients above 400 pounds.

This is a safe procedure, and the results are guaranteed. The patients tend to lose weight quickly and this stretches in the range of 18 to 24 months after the surgery. In fact, most of the patients loose 50% to 60% of their normal weight. Affordable Sleeve gastrectomy with duodenal switch in India ensures that the patients have an improved health.

Why to choose an Indian Hospital for your Sleeve gastrectomy with duodenal switch?

India might be the last place on earth where you could expect innovation in health care. Most of the hospitals are multi specialty centers and treat a host of problems ranging from the heart, eye to the knees. The charges of these hospitals are sometimes 95 % less when one compares it to the advanced countries like US. So the question doing the rounds is how Indian hospitals are able to provide world class services at fewer prices. The answer to this is the difference in the cost of labor. Most of the doctors do not sit on the laurels and are constantly on the look out to improve their skills. Free Consultation Sleeve gastrectomy with duodenal switch in India is provided almost all the top notch hospitals in the country. Such is the beauty of medical tourism is that even the calibre of the practicing doctors are on the higher side.  They tend to adapt the latest innovations in the medical world.

Sleeve gastrectomy with duodenal switch Cost in India

India is commonly referred to as the health care hub of the world with patients throng in from all round the globe. Low cost Sleeve gastrectomy with duodenal switch in India is offered here, which can be less as compared to the western countries.  Imagine a situation where you are combining your medical trip to a visit at the exotic beaches in Goa. Your mental state of affairs is handled in a better way which contributes to your well being.

Before and After

sleeve gastrectomy duodenal switch

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Why should a patient choose Cosmetic and Obesity Surgery Hospital India?

Cosmetic and Obesity Surgery Hospital India offers the highest quality medical services and has world class facilities that boast the economical pricing, top notch hospitals and robust infrastructures. Our hospital has connections with the best cosmetic and obesity surgery hospitals at Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad and other places in India. Here we have associations with well trained, qualified and experienced cosmetic and obesity surgeons who understand the needs of the patients well. They provide cosmetic and obesity treatment to their patients at a low cost. Many medical tourists who have visited India to undergo different procedures for both the cosmetic and obesity surgery are highly impressed with the commitment to quality medical services and cheaper pricing.

Can the staples tear out?

Once you have recovered from the surgery, your body’s own scar tissue heals the stomach tissue together, just as your skin stays healed long after sutures or staples are removed. Staples are made of titanium. You can have an MRI scan, and you can go through the detectors at the airport without any problems.

What are the advantages of the operation over gastric bypass?

There is no rerouting of the intestines, and no new connections need to be made. This makes it safer, easier, and faster to perform. The lack of rerouting eliminates the late risk of bowel obstruction from internal hernia that comes with the gastric bypass operation. Finally, the lack of rerouting also reduces the risk of vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

What are the advantages of the sleeve over the gastric band?

With the sleeve there is no foreign body to break, slip, or erode. There is nothing to be adjusted. Reoperation rate for these complications is therefore eliminated. Weight loss is faster and more reliable with the sleeve. The feeling of fullness that you get from the sleeve is much more satisfying than the feeling of obstruction or discomfort that you get with the gastric band. Few patients vomit after the sleeve, while many patients continue to have vomiting episodes long after they have their gastric bands placed.

How quickly to patients slim down having a sleeve?

Our average excess fat loss at six months using the sleeve is 60%.

How long may be the stay in hospital?

It is typically an overnight stay.

How large will my stomach be after surgery?

How big your stomach will be different with respect to the surgeon. All surgeons make use of a tube to guide them when stapling the stomach. This tube size can differ from as small as 32 French Bougie to as large as 64 French Bougie. This is a very important question to inquire about when it comes to this surgery, since those patients with larger pouches might have less weight loss.

Is removing the stomach safe?

This kind of stomach removal has been performed with the Duodenal Switch procedure since the mid 1980’s. It does involve stapling, just like within the gastric bypass and it has similar risks. Interestingly, patients do not ever return requesting their stomach back, however, many do wonder if it is easy to reduce the size it again.

Will I need to take vitamins and minerals like calcium?

Vitamin and mineral deficiencies are rare with this procedure since there is no intestinal bypass. However, the procedure is very restrictive so most surgeons recommend that patients have a multivitamin, calcium and possibly a B12 vitamin after surgery.

Will I regain weight?

All patients undergoing bariatric surgery are at risk for weight regain. None of the operations can prevent this. Those patients who maintain good dietary habits and use patterns of exercise may keep your weight off than those who don’t exercise and who snack frequently. Discuss with your surgeon about the diet and exercise guidelines to follow post surgery.

Why someone would choose that particular therapy which has many complications?

This kind of weight loss is for people who have severe obesity. It’s all a matter of risk-benefits. The mal-absorption operations are much cruel. They are even more effective than gastric bypass and lap band in terms of weight loss. In fact, these patients tend to lose 80% of their excess weight or more. So in some very, very large patients, perhaps in the four- or five-hundred-pound category, these operations will enable them to get closer to their ideal body weight. But there’s a price to pay for that. So there may be a role for these operations for some patients, but probably for the majority who are seeking bariatric surgery the gastric bypass or lap band would be the best options.

How long is the hospital stay & how much time it take in recovery?

The majority of sleeve gastrectomy procedures are carried out utilizing a laparoscopic technique. Laparoscopic surgery results in a shorter hospital stay, faster recovery, smaller scars, and fewer pain than open surgical treatments.

Is there any reduction in cravings for sweets?

A clinical study showed that 50% of patients who had a sleeve gastrectomy procedure lost their craving for sweets after 12 months, and after Three years, 23% still experienced a loss of revenue of cravings for sweets. Additionally, the amount of a hormone called ghrelin, which has been referred to as a hunger-regulating hormone, was found to become significantly reduced after sleeve gastrectomy surgery.

Is there any quality-of-life improvements?

Clinical studies of laparoscopic weight loss surgery patients discovered that they believed better, spent more time doing recreational and activities, taken advantage of enhanced productivity and economic opportunities, and had more self-confidence compared to what they did prior to surgery.

How will I get an Indian Medical Visa?

To know about the procedure of getting an Indian Medical Visa, please go to our website where you will find all the details regarding the initial procedure. You can also send us a query regarding the same.

Can I choose my own hotels according to my budget?

You can most definitely choose hotels as per your convenience to you and your budget.

Can I speak with the doctor before I come to India for treatment?

You can talk to the doctor and satisfy all your medical queries. You can also send us your queries for answers from the top doctors.

What modes of payment are accepted for getting treatment in India?

We accept different methods of payment like, cash, plastic cash, via net banking, etc.

I can only speak my native language?

Many hospitals in India have language translators to help you communicate better and effortlessly with the doctors and medical staff.