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Patient Testimonials


Mr. Raymond, Hongkong

Weight Loss Surgery in India

Mr. Raymond came to India from Hong Kong for his weight loss surgery. After being overweight throughout his entire life, his conditions started to get worse and hence he has decided to go for weight loss surgery……Read More

ms Noor Malaysia

Ms. Noor, Malaysia

Cosmetic Surgery in India

Ms Noor came to India for her Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass, a lot of patients looking for weight loss surgery patients come to India in search of affordable surgeries……..Read More

ms Elicia Robertson

Ms. Elicia Robertson,USA

Smile Makeover Surgery

Ms Alicia Robertson from USA was desperate for a smile makeover and after a lot of research on internet she was confident that she wants to get her surgery in India as the smile makeover in India was nearly as half as compared …Read More

ms Emma England Cosmetic

Ms. Emma, England

Cosmetic Dentistry & Laster Whitening Surgery

Who doesn’t want a brighter, healthier smile? Good smile gives you confidence; Laser whitening procedure helps you to achieve the desired smile and help you to recover any imperfections that you may have….Read More


Mrs. Hussain, Tanzania

Cosmetic Surgery in India

I am Mrs. Hussain from Tanzania. I took the decision of getting Liposuction surgery in India and I can very confidently say that it proved to be an extremely rewarding experience for me……Read More

Ms Elaine Gastric Bypass Surgery India

Ms. Elaine, UK

Gastric Bypass Surgery in India

Ms. Elaine came to India with her daughter and to be exact in her words she says “I have not been happier with my life.” She considers this surgery as a turning point in her life……Read More

Mrs Rose Breast Implant Tummy Tuck Surgery India

Mrs. Rose, Australia

Breast Implants and Tummy Tuck Surgery

“I would recommend anyone considering Breast Implants and Tummy Tuck surgery in India” Mrs Rose from Australia came to India for her breast implant surgery and tummy tuck surgery in India…..Read More

Ms Kristy Breast Implants Surgery India

Ms. Kristy, New Zealand

Breast Implants Surgery in India

Cosmetic and obesity surgery hospital India provides an affordable escape to all the cosmetic surgery seekers in India, Ms. Kristy came to India for breast implant in India from New Zealand……Read More

Ms. Shelly Klassy California – USA

Ms. Shelly Klassy, California

Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery in India

“Hi, I am Shelly Klassy from California USA. I chose Bariatric Surgery in India. For a long time I was struggling to get rid of the surplus fat from my body. But I realized that it is not an easy process for everyone……..Read More

Mrs. Bender, New Zealand

Mrs. Bender, New Zealand

Lap Band Surgery in India

“Hello, I am Mrs. Bender and I am citizen of New Zealand. At 48 years of age, I had started to feel much older and this was because of the excess weight…….Read More

Ms. Karen Callard, UK

Ms. Karen Callard, UK

Weight Loss Surgery

“Hello, my name is Karen Callard and I and from Manchester, UK. I had come to India for my weight loss (bariatric) surgery and I am very glad to say that after the surgery in India……Read More