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Low Cost Cleft Lip Nose Deformity In India

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Cleft, Lip & Nose Deformity Overview (what is Cleft, Lip & Nose Deformity)

The nasal deformity in the cleft lip patient occurs if the lower lateral cartilage is subluxed laterally and inferiorly. In such deformity the nose falsely increases towards the cleft side. In such cases the columella is not very short. This deformity just extends in a lateral position to the dipped area towards the rim of the nostril. It is possible to correct the deformity when the repair of the primary lip done. This is done by correcting the lower lateral cartilage superiorly and medially. You should always keep in mind that Cleft, Lip & Nose Deformity in India can be treated successfully. But one should keep in mind that a deficient repair will not go on for a long time, but instead if the repair is good it will last longer.

How do I know if I am a good candidate for Cleft, Lip & Nose Deformity Procedure?

This type of cleft, lip and nose deformity procedure is preferred by people who have a major deformity and they need to get it corrected in order to look good and at the same time protect themselves from any kind of further disease or infection. People with such kind of deformity can face different types of diseases and it can prove to be a threat to their lives. Moreover, they are not able to lead normal lives as they the target of all. Since this procedure is easily available in India and that too Affordable Cleft, Lip & Nose Deformity in India one should not be worried about correcting the deformity.

testimonial-icon Check out the Patient Testimonial, where the patient shares about their success stories from treatments through Cosmetic and Obesity Surgery hospital India.

Hi, I am Mrs. Anna Orlov from Russia. My daughter was born cleft-affected and we visited India through Cosmetic and Obesity Surgery Hospital for her treatment. I just want to say how happy we have been with your medical services and care. I am absolutely impressed by the way, the cosmetic surgeon answered all my questions and also explained me the entire process. I was searching for a proper treatment for my daughter, but couldn’t afford the expenses on surgery offered in the US and UK. By God’s grace, I came across this website offering medical assistance at very reasonable price in India. The hospital was well-equipped and the staff were amazing as well as compassionate. Everything went smoothly. The surgeon checked very thoroughly and gave clear instructions for her care even after the surgery. I am grateful to your healthcare consultancy for assisting us throughout the entire process.

Cleft, Lip & Nose Deformity Procedure & Recovery & Effectiveness

There are various procedures which are followed by the doctors. They are tailor made and depending upon the patient. The surgery can be done for persons of any age. Among different types of techniques used the most common is the Millard rotation advancement – this is the widely accepted repair method. In order to know which is the best treatment for you – get a Free Consultation Cleft, Lip & Nose Deformity in India. The main benefit of using this method of repair is that it is simple and easily known by all surgeons; it is more flexible and adaptable method. Soon after the surgery the patient needs to take care – the movement of the patient would be limited this could take depending upon the surgery done.

Why Opting Cleft, Lip & Nose Deformity is necessary?

It is important to opt for this surgery because this deformity can cause major health issues in future and hence this has to be treated on time. In one of the Cleft, Lip & Nose Deformity in India reviews they have mentioned that people prefer to have this type of surgery to look more confident and free from any kind of deformity.

Why to choose an Indian Hospital for your Cleft, Lip & Nose Deformity?

In India there are many hospitals, which provide such type of cosmetic procedure, surgery and as compared to other countries they provide Low cost Cleft, Lip & Nose Deformity in India. This is the reason why one should prefer India for such surgeries.

Cleft, Lip & Nose Deformity Cost in India

The cost of such treatments is very less in India – it is an affordable treatment.

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Cleft, Lip & Nose
Cleft, Lip & Nose

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Why should a patient choose Cosmetic and Obesity Surgery Hospital India?

Cosmetic and Obesity Surgery Hospital India offers the highest quality medical services and has world class facilities that boast the economical pricing, top notch hospitals and robust infrastructures. Our hospital has connections with the best cosmetic and obesity surgery hospitals at Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad and other places in India. Here we have associations with well trained, qualified and experienced cosmetic and obesity surgeons who understand the needs of the patients well. They provide cosmetic and obesity treatment to their patients at a low cost. Many medical tourists who have visited India to undergo different procedures for both the cosmetic and obesity surgery are highly impressed with the commitment to quality medical services and cheaper pricing.

What are the causes of cleft lip or palate?

Genetics and environmental factors are both considered instrumental in causing clefts. Cleft parents are known to be predisposed to having cleft children. But the main cause is attributed to the deficiency of Folic Acid during pregnancy. The other causes are radiation, pollution, nutritional deficiency, psychologically disturbed pregnant women, trauma, alcohol consumption, smoking, tobacco chewing during pregnancy. The development of cleft is not influenced by simple x- rays, medications taken under medical supervision, trivial illness, injuries etc.

Is there a possibility of giving birth to another cleft child?

There is a high chance, if there is a genetic predisposition related to the family history. Had the etiology been an environmental cause, there is a fair chance that the next child may be a normal one.

Is a cleft lip always associated with cleft palate?

Cleft lip is not always associated with cleft palate.

What can be done for my child born with a cleft?

Surgical repair of the cleft can be successfully done restoring appearance and function to normal. Most of the babies born with cleft have nasal deformity, so along with cleft surgery, nose correction is also done. We have seen excellent results in our patients. The treatment should begin as early as possible.

Why do cleft lip and palate require many surgeries? Is it not enough to do once?

Depending upon the deformity, surgeries are performed. The surgeon plans the surgeries with the ultimate aim of achieving normal form and function. The functional treatment always precedes the aesthetic correction and has to be constantly revised as the child grows.

Will my child look normal after surgery?

Not immediately after surgery because of the swelling in the lip region and the scar appears red. The scar takes about 6 – 12 months to disappear to give a pleasing look.

How many days should my child be in the hospital after surgery?

The child is hospitalized for a maximum of 2 – 3 days.

Can parents stay along with the child in the hospital?

Parents can stay and take care of the child in the hospital. The details about the stay can be cleared from the hospital staffs.

How should I feed my child before surgery?

If the child’s lip is incompletely split and the palate is intact, breast feeding or nursing bottle can be used. Regarding feeding, please ask the doctor in charge as the child is always placed under 6 hour fasting prior to surgery.

How will my child feel about having cleft?

Insecurity in infants is due to parents’ depression, child’s lethargy and irritability. Social support, self-confidence and motivation might prove advantageous. So parents should have a frank discussion and counselling about cleft management and should give their children proper guidance and encouragement.

Whom should I ask concerning the cleft?

Our team of specialists work together for the rehabilitation of children with cleft and can be contacted by filling up our free consultation form.

Will my child speak like a normal child?

A child can speak well after the surgical repair of the cleft. Children with difficulty should undergo speech therapy and improvement in the speech depends on the co-operation and encouragement shown to the child.

How the palate helps in speech?

Before the palate is repaired, there is no separation between the nasal cavity (nose) and the mouth. This means that the child cannot build up air pressure in the mouth because the air escapes out of the nose. The roof of the mouth has very less tissue for the tongue to touch. These problems can make it difficult for the child to talk. Once the palate has been repaired, your child may be able to learn more words and speech can be improved with training and encouragement.

Will the nasal twang and the fluid that escapes out of the nose stop after the treatment?

It cannot be estimated immediately because palatal repair takes time for healing. When the muscles become flexible the air can escape through the nose and mouth equally enabling the child to talk. Hence it is always mandatory to perform the surgery as advised by the Surgeon. Palate surgery should be done before the child learns to speak.

Can I choose my own hotels according to my budget?

You can most definitely choose hotels as per your convenience to you and your budget.

Can I speak with the doctor before I come to India for treatment?

You can talk to the doctor and satisfy all your medical queries. You can also send us your queries for answers from the top doctors.

What modes of payment are accepted for getting treatment in India?

We accept different methods of payment like, cash, plastic cash, via net banking, etc.

How will I get an Indian Medical Visa?

To know about the procedure of getting an Indian Medical Visa, please go to our website where you will find all the details regarding the initial procedure. You can also send us a query regarding the same.


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