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Thread Lift In India At Affordable Price

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Thread lift Overview (what is thread lift)

This is a type of cosmetic surgery that is undertaken to tighten various tissues, particularly the facial ones. It is mostly due to age that these tissues tend to loosen up by age and sag over time. This cosmetic surgery, also referred to as the ‘thread lift’. This is done to cause the facial features to improve and marionette line corrected. In addition to the above, this also helps in providing space for the neck and is undertaken by using absorbable threads.

How do I know if I am a good candidate for thread lift Procedure?

The most ideal candidates for undergoing this surgery are people within the age group of thirty to sixty years. People who usually undergo this procedure are the ones who have recently been subjected to this problem, i.e. their skin is not excessively loose or droopy. In cases such as these, wherein the sagging has just begun and are minimal, it is best performed.

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testimonial-icon Check out the Patient Testimonial, where the patient shares about their success stories from treatments through Cosmetic and Obesity Surgery hospital India.

Hi, I am Lyla Taylor from UK. I got my thread lift in India through the Cosmetic and Obesity Surgery Hospital India. I am 35 years old and noticed sagging cheeks and jaws. I visited my doctor who recommended me to get a thread lift. Since the waiting list of patients was too long, I started searching for the procedure abroad. I browsed through your website and send them my query. I got their response within 48 hours. The prices and facilities offered by them were quite convincing. The executive was kind and also helped me with procuring my visa as well as with food and accommodation during my stay in India. I was welcomed by a pleasant official who took me to a five-star facility and from there I was taken to the hospital. It was a world-class facility and the hygiene level was at par with the hospitals in the UK. The surgeon was a kind person who explained me about the procedure. The thread lift is a one-hour minimally invasive mini-lift procedure done under local anesthesia. My procedure went well. I was impressed with the hospitality and care you guys showcased throughout my journey. I am thankful to you for the amazing job you guys are doing.

Thread lift Procedure & Recovery & Effectiveness:

It is performed on the patient while he/she is under local anesthesia. He/she is often sedated and comforted so as to ensure that least pain is caused. The procedure lasts for a mere half an hour or forty-five minutes when the case at hand is complicated and the surgeon is required to implant four or more threads.

However, in case the number of threads is equal to or exceeds six, it is mandated that the patient is completely unconscious and sedated. Further, they are kept under observation for one to two hours after the operation, no night stays are required at all.

The patient, post-recovery may complain of pain and discomfort, but the same can be put to rest by intake of simple analgesic.

Why Opting thread lift is necessary?

This procedure is undertaken by men and women who are just beginning to face this problem. Before you are being heavily weighed down by this thread lift and your personality is greatly affected, it is recommended that you undertake this procedure and prevent any further harm from happening.

Why to choose an Indian Hospital for your thread lift?

The doctors and surgeons in India are first extremely finely trained, rigorously tested and well-practiced. Additionally, they are also richly experienced in all their fields. Thread lift in India like any other cosmetic surgery is a good option. Apart from the advantages of this procedure being highly affordable in India, it is also effective and these reviews have been gathered through constant feedbacks and talks with the previous patients about the same.

Thread lift cost in India:

Thread lift in India costs reasonably low. Moreover, apart from the most efficient treatment and patient care services, various reputed hospitals and nursing homes provide Free Consultation thread lift in India to their patients. So if you are still not sure about whether you need it or not, you may consult them or in fact, read the previous reviews to arrive at an appropriate decision.

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Before and After

Thread Lift Before and After
Thread Lift Before and After

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Why should a patient choose Cosmetic and Obesity Surgery Hospital India?

Cosmetic and Obesity Surgery Hospital India offers the highest quality medical services and has world class facilities that boast the economical pricing, top notch hospitals and robust infrastructures. Our hospital has connections with the best cosmetic and obesity surgery hospitals at Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad and other places in India. Here we have associations with well trained, qualified and experienced cosmetic and obesity surgeons who understand the needs of the patients well. They provide cosmetic and obesity treatment to their patients at a low cost. Many medical tourists who have visited India to undergo different procedures for both the cosmetic and obesity surgery are highly impressed with the commitment to quality medical services and cheaper pricing.

How do I care for my face after the Threadlift facelift?

Immediately after your Threadlift facelift procedure, avoid straining (e.g. heavy lifting) and keep your head elevated. This will reduce your risk of bruising and swelling. Baggies filled with frozen peas can provide additional protection against bruising. You may shower and/or gently wash your face immediately after the Threadlift facelift procedure. Avoid pressing on your cheeks or you may inadvertently loosen the Threadlift threads.  After one month, the threads will be “locked” in place and it will not be possible to loosen them. During the first month, things to avoid include: laying with your hand under your face, facial massages, pulling down on your cheeks or stretching your cheeks downward – men need to be particularly careful of this when shaving.

When can I wear makeup?

You may wear moisturizers, sunscreen and make-up immediately after the Threadlift facelift procedure.  Some patients do experience mild bruising after their Threadlift procedure – if this should occur, a light concealer or camouflage makeup may be used.

Can I drive after the Threadlift facelift?

If you have the Threadlift facelift procedure performed under local anesthesia (no sedation) you may drive immediately after the procedure. You will need a responsible adult to drive you home if you decide to have any type of sedation during your Threadlift facelift.

When can I return to work?

You may resume light work related activities immediately after your Threadlift facelift.  However, if your job requires that you engage in significant bending/stooping (e.g. networking computers) or heavy lifting/straining (e.g. stocking), we recommend that you take 2-3 days off of work to reduce the risk of bruising and swelling.

When are follow-up visits scheduled?

The cosmetic surgeons have their patients return for a check-up the day after their Threadlift facelift to assess the immediate results of their Threadlift procedure.  Minor adjustments in the amount of lift and in facial symmetry are able to be made during this time frame.  Patients are then seen one week following their Threadlift facelift procedure to have stitches removed.

How long will I be bruised?

Bruising and swelling do not occur in every patient. Bruising can be reduced by avoiding aspirin, ibuprofen, Aleve, Excederin, Motrin or other anti-inflammatory medications for 3 weeks prior to your Threadlift facelift procedure (these medications cause thinning of the blood and are likely to result in bruising after an injection). The risk of bruising and swelling can be further reduced by taking care the first 24-hours after the Threadlift facelift procedure to avoid straining, keeping your head elevated, and using cool packs over the cheeks. In the event bruising is present, it should resolve within a few days. Typically, concealer can be used to camouflage any visible bruising. Note: Some patients have reported that ingesting the herbal supplements Arnica and Bromelain starting the week prior to invasive procedures can further reduce bruising and swelling.

How long do the results last?

The beneficial results obtained from a Threadlift facelift procedure will last about 5 years. However, individuals age at varying rates due to differences in genetics and environmental exposure.  Therefore, it is impossible to predict how long any individual will maintain the improvements obtained from their Threadlift facelift and necklift procedure.

How long should I plan on having “down time”?

Most patients are able to return to normal light activities immediately after a Threadlift facelift and necklift. To reduce the risk of bruising and swelling, we recommend that you avoid any increase in blood flow to your head for 48 hours.  Therefore, you should avoid straining (e.g. weight lifting) and you should avoid frequent or prolonged lowering of your head (e.g. gardening).

Can adjustments be made or threads be added in the future?

In the unlikely event that there is asymmetry after your Threadlift facelift procedure, it is possible to tighten existing threads. Also, if you experience “premature” sagging of the face or neck, it is easy to insert additional Threadlift threads to further lift and tighten the face and neck skin.

What will happen if a thread breaks?

Your cosmetic surgeon will always inserts “extra” Threadlift threads to provide superior lifting strength and resiliency. Therefore, breakage of a single Threadlift thread will not result in any loss of structural support.  However, the broken segment of a thread may advance, causing a feeling of a “pimple” under the skin – this can be easily removed in the office.

How will I get an Indian Medical Visa?

To know about the procedure of getting an Indian Medical Visa, please go to our website where you will find all the details regarding the initial procedure. You can also send us a query regarding the same.

I can only speak my native language?

Many hospitals in India have language translators to help you communicate better and effortlessly with the doctors and medical staff.

Can I choose my own hotels according to my budget?

You can most definitely choose hotels as per your convenience to you and your budget.

Can I speak with the doctor before I come to India for treatment?

You can talk to the doctor and satisfy all your medical queries. You can also send us your queries for answers from the top doctors.

What modes of payment are accepted for getting treatment in India?

We accept different methods of payment like, cash, plastic cash, via net banking, etc.



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