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Mr. Raymond, Hongkong
Weight Loss Surgery in India

“Hello, I am Raymond from Hongkong. I am very glad that I took the decision of getting Obesity Surgery in India. Being obese has undeniably its own share of problems, including very dire effects on health. It was very difficult for me, when I started suffering from the health issues such as High Blood Pressure, joint pain, and others. I used to get tired even walking a short distance. This is when I decided to lose weight and started with exercise and dieting. I struggled to lose weight for quite some time, but despite of trying the traditional weight loss techniques, nothing proved helpful. Then, my Nutritionist recommended that I must give Obesity Surgery or Weight Loss Surgery, a try. I researched about these surgeries and found that these surgeries are quite popular. But the expenses related to these surgeries in my country are very high, hence, I tried finding the same in other countries.”

“While researching, I found that India is considered a very favourable place for international patients requiring any kind of treatment. Particularly for Obesity Surgeries, a group called Cosmetic and Obesity Surgery Hospital India cropped up during my searches. I went through the group’s website and got in touch with them, using the contact details given on the website. A representative called and guided me about the whole process. He even requested me to share my latest medical reports. Soon, I was sent a very well-planned package and very affordable Obesity Surgery in India. After this, a telephonic conversation was arranged with an Obesity Surgeon, who had already evaluated my reports. The surgeon recommended a Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy for me.”

“Once it was finalized, the group handled the issues like my medical visa, tickets, accommodation, conveyance, language issues, etc. for me as well as my travel companion. After a few days, I travelled to India, where a representative of the group took us to the hotel from the airport. Next day, the representative took me to the hospital to meet the Obesity surgeon, who I was told that, is one of the most reputed ones in this field. The surgeon cleared all my doubts and pushed my confidence about the surgery. He helped in understanding the surgery and mentioned that in this surgery the stomach’s capacity is reduced by stapling the stomach and about two-thirds of the stomach’s exterior area is removed. The surgeon also said that this surgery would prove the most effective one for me, and he was surely very confident in his approach, which for me was a very positive sign.”

“The procedure was very fluently done by the surgeon. Just a day after the surgery, I was on my feet walking. Being a Laparoscopic procedure, there was not much pain and discomfort. The surgeon and his team very carefully supervised my recovery. Relevant medication and care were provided, and I had a fast recovery. The hospital staff took very good care. On the sixth day, I was allowed to travel. In fact, the day I was leaving, I even planned to do some shopping. I was back home in just six days, recovered. Also, the surgery proved extremely beneficial for me as my food intake was lowered and today, I am habituated to my new dietary habits.

“The representatives of Cosmetic and Obesity Surgery Hospital India ensured that my whole treatment process was smooth. I enjoyed maximum benefits of Obesity Surgery in India . Also, with low cost Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy, it was further rewarding for me. I am also grateful to the surgeon and his team. So, I would strongly recommend this group for everyone, who is looking for Obesity Surgery.”

Thank you
Mr. Raymond
Hong Kong