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Management And Care After Obesity And Weightloss Surgeries In India

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About Obesity Weight Loss Surgeries

Obesity weight loss surgery in India lowers down the risk of medical problems associated with obesity and helps you to lose weight. If you want to lose weight, then this surgery is ideal for you. Though what is best for you depends upon your health, your goals, the recommendations of the surgeon and what your insurance covers. You need to talk over with your doctor so that one can take an informed decision. To be a candidate for this surgery, one should have a BMI (body mass index) of 40 or more. Having a lower BMI and some form of serious health ailment also contributes to obesity. Any surgery related to it is a life changing one, but you need to make some permanent changes to your lifestyle.

Obesity Weight Loss Surgery Benefits

1) Laparoscopic weight loss surgery

A band is placed around the upper part of your stomach that creates a small pouch to hold food. This band limits the amount of food that one can eat by making you full after eating small amounts of food. After the surgery, the doctor can adjust the band, to make food, pass more quickly or slowly through the band.

2) Adjustable Gastric Banding (Lap-Band™ surgery or Realize™ Band surgery)

This surgery is undertaken to make the stomach smaller. It is done so that the people lose weight. It is undertaken through several small incisions in your belly. The doctor will place surgical tools and a camera through these incisions. A device will be wrapped around the upper part of the stomach in the form of a ring.

3) Laparoscopic Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass

During this course of surgery, the surgeon creates a small pouch at the top of the stomach. It is only this part that receives the food. This has a considerable impact on the amount of food and drink you can have at a given point of time. However the main part of the stomach still continues to receive digestive juices.

4) Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy

In this type of surgery, a part of the stomach is separated and removed from the body. The remaining section of the stomach is formed in the manner of a tube like structure and the small stomach cannot hold much food. There is considerable reduction in the loss of appetite that may reduce your desire to eat.


testimonial-icon Check out the Patient Testimonial, where the patient shares about their success stories from treatments through Cosmetic and Obesity Surgery hospital India.

Hi, I am Mariam Oyenusi from Nigeria. I got my obesity and weight loss surgery procedure in India with the assistance of Cosmetic and Obesity Surgery Hospital India. I’ve been severely obese and suffered low self esteem all through my life. I have struggled, losing weight trying all sorts of diet but nothing helped. I started feeling exhausted quite early and this prompted me to search for better treatment option abroad. I read about the weight loss surgery at your website and send a query by filling up their form. I got a reply from them immediately. I also got to talk with the surgeon even before travelling to India. He explained me what to expect with the surgery. Me and my mom travelled to India for the surgery. I was impressed with the warm welcome I received in India, their hospitality and services were so commendable. The nurses were quite caring and compassionate. My surgery went well. I am grateful to the surgeon, his staff and the medical tourism company for such high quality medical care I received at a reasonable price.

Long-term benefits of weight loss surgeries

Obesity weight loss surgery in India reviews of patients indicates that it is a long term project. But if you adapt a healthy lifestyle and exercise regularly, the benefits are immense. In more cases, 80% of the candidates have experienced a positive outcome of the surgery. In simple terms, their objective was to lose weight and they have kept it on. If they get off on medications, they can be more active. If you slack off a bit and do not follow the routine regime, then there are chances that you may gain the weight back.

Personalized Care

Weight loss surgery is a major surgery and involves a lot of thought in your decision making process. You need to modify your behavior towards diet, but it is also important that you recover from the surgery so as to achieve overall success in terms of weight loss. While most of the patients do not experience any complications, but if they do so it is important to treat them early.

One needs to understand that weight loss surgery is not a solution in itself and the patients need to play an active role and make the necessary changes in their lifestyle to achieve the desired results. The best results are achieved when one pays heed to the advice of the surgeon.

Why Choose India for the obesity weight loss surgeries?

When it comes to Low cost obesity weight loss surgery in India, the name of the Indian hospitals comes to the fore. When you choose a hospital, apart from quality health care at reasonable prices there are some other points to consider.

Cuisine is an important point of consideration. Imagine getting the taste of your cuisine in an alien country. Most of the top hospitals in the country have catered their menu based on the interests of medical tourists and there is an international chef to assist them. In addition to this, most of them have departments set up to look after the needs of the medical tourists. Along with it free consultation obesity weight loss surgery in India is provided by most of the elite brand of hospitals in the country.

Obesity Weight Loss Surgeries Cost in India

Since it is an elective form of surgery, and not covered by insurance companies, the cost of surgery is on the higher side. Affordable obesity weight loss surgery in India provides you with an opportunity to undertake the surgery in India as you can make a considerable saving on the cost part without compromising on the quality part. Facts point to the fact that one can save close to 50 % of cost when they get the surgery performed in India.

Before and After

Management care after weight loss surgery
Management care after weight loss surgery

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How Do I Know If Surgery Is Right For Me Or If I Qualify?

Your first step would be to calculate your Body Mass Index or BMI, a measure of height and weight. For weight loss surgery, most people should be approximately 100 pounds over their ideal body weight and have a BMI of 40 or greater. At this level of obesity, many people have serious health risks from their weight. However, many insurance companies will allow weight loss surgery for individuals with a BMI in the 35.0 – 35.9 range if they suffer from other significant obesity-related illnesses.

Those considering surgery, also need to be non-smokers (no smoking within two months of surgery) and must not have untreated mental illness or chemical dependency concerns. You can learn more about the various qualifications for surgery at our free introductory information sessions.

A commitment to lifestyle changes is also an important requirement. Weight loss surgery will change your relationship with food and how you eat permanently. If you are not ready for change, or are unwilling to change, an operation may not be right for you. You’ll want to check with your medical insurance company about insurance qualification.

What Things Might Disqualify Me For Surgery?

Certain medical conditions, life situations or lifestyle choices may prevent you from having surgery. Here are some conditions that may make the procedure too risky:

History of non-compliance with medical care.

Certain active psychiatric illnesses, such as personality disorder, schizophrenia, uncontrolled depression, suicidal ideation or substance abuse (less than one year sober).

Unstable medical conditions that make the risk of having surgery greater than not having it.

Cognitive or mental impairments that limit your ability to understand the procedure.

How Can I Get More Information About Surgery?

To get more information about weight loss surgery and if it is right for you, we recommend that you start by viewing information on our web site. This will help you learn more about weight loss surgery performed at Cosmetic and Obesity Surgery Hospital India. In addition, you can send all your queries by filling up our free consultation form.

What Can I Expect For My First Consultation With The Surgeon?

Your first appointment, you’ll be asked about your health history. After consultation with our expert surgeons you’ll be given few treatment options, amongst which you can choose a suitable one as per your budget. You can also discuss with your surgeon regarding the different operations for surgical control of weight. Together, you and your surgeon will determine which procedure is most appropriate for you.

How Long Does The Entire Process Take Until I Have Surgery?

The very beginning of the process with the actual date of surgery can vary greatly. On average, the pre-surgery preparation process takes three to six months, depending upon the requirements for your specific insurance.

What Information Do You Need From Me For Insurance Approval?

Briefly, your insurance company wants to know:

  • Do you meet criteria for weight loss surgery?
  • Are you mentally stable and able to make the changes necessary to be successful after weight loss surgery?
  • Are there any reasons that you would not benefit from surgery?

In addition, we will need you to provide:

  • Insurance ID numbers
  • A list of medications that you are taking
  • Medical records, including doctors’ names, addresses and phone numbers
Is Weight Loss Surgery Reversible?

Weight loss surgery is meant to be a lifetime opportunity for weight management. Not all surgeries are reversible. Although a LapBand® can be physically removed, it leaves a scar and alters the surrounding tissue of the stomach. Other operations, like a Roux-en-Y gastric bypass, really cannot be easily reversed, that is, to restore the anatomy to what it was before surgery. The sleeve gastrectomy cannot be reversed. When you reverse any weight loss surgery, you will likely regain your weight. The surgery is a tool to help you manage your disease.

If I Have Seen Some Other Surgeon, Am I Still Required To Go Through This Process?

We want you to go through our entire process because there are most likely important differences from other providers. For instance, we require that you have some basic education about obesity, associated illnesses, weight loss surgery options and whether surgery is right for you. In order to make sure that everyone we see has the same information on which they base their actions and decisions, we require that you attend our informational seminar.

Do You Have A Follow-Up Program?

We have an extensive follow-up program. We expect that you will return to see us for the rest of your life. Your follow-up program consists of appointments with the bariatrician, surgeon, dietitian, psychologists, physical therapists and our nurses. Your ultimate success depends upon your commitment to lifelong follow up.

Our follow-up visits are:

  • After surgery in the hospital
  • Two weeks after surgery in the bariatric clinic
  • LapBand® patients will come in for their first LapBand® adjustment, four weeks after their two-week postoperative check-up with the surgeon
  • Three months after surgery
  • Six months after surgery
  • Nine months after surgery
  • One year after surgery
  • 18 months after surgery
  • Two years after surgery
  • Yearly after the second anniversary of your surgery
  • Follow-up visits consist of a detailed interview discussing your eating habits, texture and amount of foods, volume and consistency of foods and liquid intake. We also discuss nutrition in general, vitamins and supplements specific to your particular operation, exercise, emotional health, body image and changes, and check laboratory values at varying intervals, depending on your operation. Most follow-up visits are 30 to 45 minutes, depending on your stage and progress.

We are very serious about the importance of long-term follow-up and are dedicated to your lifelong health.

Should I Attend A Support Group?

  • Our two support groups, called Connections, meet monthly. They are open to everyone who is thinking about weight loss surgery, has had an operation or those in recovery. A support group provides a variety of benefits. First of all, it offers an environment where participants understand where you have been, where you are or where you will be in this journey. They understand the problems you face every day. Many of them have the same problems and can share the ways that they have dealt with them. Our support groups are facilitated by a psychologist. There is an educational component to each session as well.

Long-term studies show that people who actively participate in support groups do better in terms of weight loss and satisfaction with the outcomes of their operations, and they function better. Connections are not restricted to people who are being seen by our surgeons, and is not limited in size. We hope that you find our groups useful!


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