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Obesity is a horror for the human race, because it makes you look bad and also invites several health troubles like diabetes, body pain or arthritis, heart problems, fatigue, depression, breathing trouble and more. Obesity is categorized according to one’s Body Mass Index (BMI) which is the product of your height and weight. If your BMI is between 25 and 29.9, you are considered overweight and if BMI is 30 or above then you are considered obese and in excess of 40 is morbidly obese.

The two fundamental reasons for obesity are:

  1. Taking in more calories than you can burn
  2. Burning up lesser calories than you consume.

Obesity Treatment in Kerala

The strategies for obesity treatment in Kerala are planned according to the person’s weight or Body Mass Index. Lifestyle modification and cognitive behavioral therapy is initiated in individuals who are overweight or with Grade I obesity to help with weight loss. Anti-obesity medication and sometimes surgery is indicated in people with more severe forms of obesity. Weight Loss Surgery in Kerala is the final and ultimate choice for people who are very obese with a BMI of over 33 who have not lost weight from other treatments like diet, exercise, or medicine.

Bariatric surgery Kerala at low cost is offered at the Bariatric surgery hospitals in Kerala which is a safe and effective treatment option for the individuals who affected by severe obesity. People with obesity are at higher risks for metabolic syndrome. The only cure for those individuals suffering from more severe forms of obesity is to undergo the surgery under the best bariatric surgeons in Kerala. The best hospitals in Kerala for bariatric surgery have helped numerous people to get cured of obesity from across the globe.

The Obesity surgeons in Kerala will assess the patients to find whether they are ideal candidate for weight loss surgery. The criteria will be based on the BMI, if it is over 33 in Asians and 35 in Caucasians and suffering from the following risk factors:

  • People at risk for heart attacks
  • Diabetes or hypertension
  • Damaged (osteoarthritis) of knee and hip joints
  • Who snore when they sleep (Obstructive Sleep Apnea)
  • Women with Polycystic Ovarian Disease (which leads to infertility)
  • Varicose veins and venous
  • Fatty liver disease
  • Who find it to impossible to exercise (due to various reasons)
  • Suffering from low self-esteem on account of obesity

While those individuals with BMI over 38 in Asians and 40 in Caucasian should consider Bariatric surgery in Kerala without any of the above mentioned risk factors.

There are various types of obesity surgery procedures performed at the bariatric surgery hospitals in Kerala. These include the Gastric bypass surgery in Kerala and the affordable Gastric sleeve surgery cost in Kerala. The choice of the Bariatric Procedures will depend on BMI, diabetes status and the patient’s choice.

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World-Class Treatment for Obesity in Kerala

Top clinics for obesity treatment in Kerala offer affordable weight loss treatments that include lifestyle changes, medicines and weight-loss surgery. The treatment option depends on whether the patient is diabetic, the food habits and the condition of the patient. The weight loss doctors and surgeons and supporting staff work together to provide the patients with the most comprehensive support to accomplish better weight loss outcomes, with successful long-term weight loss maintenance. Contact the best hospitals for bariatric surgery in Kerala by filling up the free consultation form.

Obesity surgeons in Kerala

The weight loss surgeons in Kerala will help you through the whole process as per the needs of the individuals. We excel in bariatric surgery and emphasize on an overall care and complete cure of the patient. The best bariatric surgery specialists in Kerala are highly qualified and have immense experience hence you need not have to worry about anything else other than getting recovered fast. The hospitals in Kerala are equipped with the latest machineries to achieve optimum precision and perfection in the weight loss surgery. Get in touch with us to book a quick appointment with the qualified bariatric surgeons in Kerala.

Weight Loss Surgery Process in Kerala

Bariatric Surgery has been developed keeping the complex conditions of different patients. While obesity becomes morbid, surgery is the only assured method to get rid of it. It is painless, safe, affordable and fruitful! So, let’s have an insight into the process and see how it works!

First the patient undergoes a thorough check-up for overall health conditions. Then the method of surgery is decided by the type and severity of obesity and the patient’s choice. The main goal is to restrict food intake or food absorption which is done by different methods such as using a gastric band to limit the stomach size, or Sleeve Gastrectomy that removes a section of the stomach by surgery or Gastric Bypass Surgery in which the small intestine is rerouted to a small stomach pouch. Most patients undergo the Low cost gastric sleeve resection Kerala and the affordable Gastric bypass surgery cost in Kerala.

Weight loss surgery in Kerala alone is not the solution for weight loss you have to follow a healthy lifestyle post surgery to make most out of the surgery. A routine follow up is very important to maintain the healthy weight post bariatric surgery in Kerala. Our post-operative care team includes doctor, dietician and psychiatrist to fix a set of treatment programs. The post-operative care is extremely vital to gain the maximum benefit of the operation.

What are benefits of Bariatric Surgery in Kerala?

The benefits are bariatric surgery in Kerala are:

  • Obese people loose significant weight after the weight loss surgery and tend to live longer
  • Marked improvement in obesity related illnesses
  • Cost effective bariatric surgery in Kerala helps patients to save money after the surgery
  • No requirement of long term medications for obesity and diabetes related illnesses
  • Patients can lead a more productive and a disease free active life post surgery

Cost of bariatric/obesity surgery in Kerala

The Bariatric surgery Kerala at low cost is preferred by most international patients as it helps them save substantially on the procedure. The best hospitals offer attractive bariatric surgery packages from the leading bariatric surgeons in Kerala.

Why Choose Kerala for Obesity Surgery?

As the corporate slogan goes, Kerala or the God’s Own Country has pioneered in healthcare and tourism in India. A concerted effort has helped to promote the obesity surgery in Kerala which has substantially increased the number of visitors here. The availability of good health care facilities with modern equipments and the expertise of the medical professionals at best hospitals have attracted many patients to travel here for obesity treatment. Kerala is well connected by ait from the major medical tourism markets in the Middle East European and the South Asian countries and the weather is moderate throughout the year.

Kerala is already renowned as a healthy destination due to its Ayurveda packages and other health packages. Our association with the major bariatric surgery hospitals in India ensures better treatment options for the international patients. We have tie ups with the renowned doctors at the advanced and sophisticated hospitals of international standards. The communication is easier with majority English speaking public in Kerala. The hygienic standards are higher and Kerala is an ideal place for an excellent recuperative holiday.

Our group provides assistance to the global patients with their medical visa, airline bookings, hotels, transportation, food and scheduling the obesity treatments at best hospitals. We also provide medical treatments packaged with the recuperative leisure packages for your trip to scenic places across Kerala. We provide incredibly competitive cost weight loss surgery packages as compared to the cost of procedures in the West. Our group will take care of the rest be it scheduling your appointment, airport pickup and drop, transfer to hotel or resort, escorting to the hospital, arranging your surgery, discharge, recuperative holiday, post treatment checkups, etc. All you have to do is send us your query and rest assured for a hassle free medical trip to Kerala.

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Find List of Best Obesity Surgery Top Bariatric Hospitals and Clinics of India

  • Reedent Dental and Skin Cosmetic Clinic
  • Chazhikkattu Hospital
  • Bharath Hospital – Kottayam
  • Amala Cancer Hospital and Research Centre
  • Al Shifa Super Speciality Hospital
  • Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Centre
  • Caritas Hospital
  • Dr Nairs Hospital
  • Sevana Hospital
  • nanthapuri Hospitals and Research Institute
  • Bishop Benziger Hospital
  • Sree Gokulam Medical College and Research Foundation
  • Aswini Hospitals Private Limited
  • Sree Sudheendra Medical Mission Hospital
  • Rajagiri Hospital
  • Silverline Hospital
  • Lifeline Superspeciality Hospital
  • Mosc Medical Mission Hospital
  • Little Flower Hospital and Research Centre
  • Medical Trust Hospital
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