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UK Patient Gastric Bypass Surgery in India


Ms. Elaine, UK
Gastric Bypass Surgery


“Hi, I am Elaine and I came from UK to have Gastric Bypass Surgery in India . The treatment experience was very pleasant and I faced not a single problem throughout my stay. This treatment in India was a massive relief as I was quite desperate to find the right treatment. Over the years, I had put on a lot of surplus weight, and had never really taken weight loss seriously till I started facing some health hazards like joint pain, High Blood Pressure, also breathing issues. This is when my doctor suggested that I need to lose a considerable amount of weight as well as start with a healthy diet plan. It was not at all easy to start with all this after so many years and I failed miserably.”

“During one of my visits to my doctor, he suggested that I can go for an Obesity Surgery, which is a very popular treatment technique these days, suitable for patients like me. He particularly emphasized on a surgery called Gastric Bypass Surgery, which he said would be very fruitful for me. My daughter helped me in doing the research about such surgeries and I found the research very helpful as I got to know a lot about these surgeries. However, I found the cost of Gastric Bypass surgery very high in my country. I researched a bit more about the cost of this particular surgery in other countries and the prices in India caught my eye. I found that the cost of Gastric Bypass Surgery in India is very reasonable as compared to other countries. As I was looking for someone who could connect to these treatment facilities in India, I stumbled across a website called Cosmetic and Obesity Surgery Hospital India.”

“I connected with this group to get more details and a person from the group helped me with the same. I was asked to share my latest medical reports so that they could get it evaluated by an Obesity Surgeon in India. After this, the group’s representative filled me with other details about the whole medical tour process. I found the group’s approach very transparent. I was also offered a video or telephonic consultation with the surgeon. I decided to go ahead with the group. The group arranged the medical visa and accommodation facility in India for me as well as my travel companion, which was my daughter. Also, arranged was airport pick up and drop, necessary appointments at the hospital, suitable food, and much more. I was very happy with the way things were moving and then on a decided date, I travelled to India.”

“A representative of the group was already present at the airport to receive me. The person took us to the hotel and the next day, I was taken to meet the Obesity Surgeon, who was very friendly and helped me in understanding what exactly a Gastric Bypass Surgery involves. As I spoke to him, I felt relieved to see his confidence. He recommended some pre-surgery evaluation tests and the reports were found suitable so the surgery was performed the next day. The surgeon and his team were extremely adept owing to which the surgery was successful and I didn’t face any complications afterwards. Also, relevant medications were given to take care of the post-surgery pain. I also found the nursing staff every efficient, who looked after me very dedicatedly. With so much care, my recovery was very smooth and on the sixth day itself, I was ready to travel back home. The Obesity Surgeon also provided me with a very well-planned diet chart so that I do not gain weight again.”

“Further, with such affordable packages of Gastric Bypass Surgery in India, for me, my medical tour became all the more rewarding. I cannot thank the Obesity Surgeon of India and his team for their guidance. Not only this, the highly efficient team of Cosmetic and Obesity Surgery Hospital India, which made this medical tour successful.”

Thank you
Ms. Elaine,UK