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UK Patient Weight Loss Surgery in India


Ms. Karen Callard, UK
Weight Loss Surgery


“Hello, my name is Karen Callard and I and from Manchester, UK. I had come to India for my weight loss (bariatric) surgery and I am very glad to say that after the surgery in India, I have been very happy and am living a very healthy lifestyle both physically and mentally.”

“I had been suffering from obesity since before I hit puberty and my body started to change. Obesity may give an impression that the suffering people are just lazy and working out will get rid of it, but it is not always the case. In my case, I had a genetic abnormality which made me gain a chunky amount of weight in a very less duration. I was obese before I was an adult.”

“People in my school and college and even the neighbourhood kids used to tease me about my weight which made me even more self-conscious than I already was. Obesity brings with it a plethora of complications. I was already at a risk of developing complex diseases like hypertension, diabetes and cardiac problems, but also my weight hindered my walk, flexibility, endurance and my confidence had taken a hit as well. ”

“After I became a little older and little wiser, I decided that I had to do something about my weight as my day to day life was getting affected. I went to the doctors for advice who suggested that I should start with some exercises and gave me a strict food regimen to follow with a couple medications as support. This continued for 2 months with no visible improvement. The doctors then suggested that I should consider surgery as a solution now that traditional methods turned out to be an effort in vanity.”

“I could not get any surgery in the UK as the prices are very high. I started to search for treatments in other countries. A mutual friend suggested that I should look into cosmetic and obesity hospital India, a medical tourism company in India. She had gone for her affordable weight loss surgery in India an year prior through this company and had a very good experience.”

“I researched about them and soon got in touch with them regarding affordable bariatric surgery in India. They explained the whole process regarding the treatment, travel, stay and expenses. I was very impressed by their transparency and initiative to provide as much support as possible. I decided to go ahead with them as the bariatric surgery cost in India is very less compared to other countries with the most advanced medical facilities and the company seemed genuinely inquisitive on helping the patients.”
“After the finalisation was completed, they handled affairs like the medical visa, accommodation, travel tickets etc. When I travelled to India after a few days, the representative brought a car to pick us up and drop us at the hotel. The next day, I met the operating surgeon who patiently explained the whole treatment procedure and the aftermath of the surgery. They were very helpful and cleared all of my doubts.”

“After the surgery was done, I was shifted to a special care unit where the nurses and the doctors good care of me. I got to enjoy the benefits of bariatric surgery in India like advanced medical technology, best surgeons, best hospitals and low costs.”

“I was very satisfied with the service provided by cosmetic and obesity surgery hospital India as they had provided all the necessary support from the get-go and ensured that my treatment and the whole process ran smoothly. I am also very grateful to the operating surgeon and the medical staff who treated me with nothing but kindness. I would recommend this company for any person needing assistance with medical problems.”

Thank you
Ms. Karen Callard, UK