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Mrs. Hassem’s Steps towards Healthy Life by Obesity Surgery India

Obesity Surgery Patient Testimonial India Mrs. Ali Marium Hassem was distraught because of her health. She weighed 105 kg that really bothered her, as that was never less than any humiliation. People around her used to make fun of her appearance. Her overweight body caused depression. The anxiety came to her face every time and spoiled her beauty.

She had stopped visiting at the social gatherings. She avoided meeting her friends and relatives because her obesity caused mental discomfort. She got annoyed with every little thing. One of her friends told her regarding weight-loss surgery in India through Cosmetic and Obesity Surgery Hospital Group. This sort of surgery not only helps one to lose excess weight but also lowers the threat of other medical issues related to obesity.

She interacted with personnel of Cosmetic and Obesity Surgery Hospital Group in India regarding the service they could provide her. They set an appointment for her with the concerned surgeon. They even provided the vehicle facility from the airport to the booked hotel. It was eventually an easy ride for Mrs. Ali Marium Hassem along with her friend with the help of the experienced and expert consultants of this group of India.

She had a visit to her concerned doctor regarding the obesity surgery. This sort of surgery has eligibility criteria too. One needs to be eligible to have such surgery. Evaluation of the patient’s diet and weight antiquity is needed to comprehend.

Additionally, the doctor asked her to have a few physical examinations before they could decide the surgery date. Abdominal ultrasound, Blood studies including a complete blood count (CBC), blood urea nitrogen (BUN), cortisol, creatinine, electrolytes, prolactin and thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH),Cardiac catheterization, Chest X-ray, Colonoscopy, Echocardiogram, Electrocardiogram (EKG), Flexible sigmoidoscopy, Mammogram, Pap smear, Pelvic ultrasound, Pulmonary function tests, and Treadmill stress test is able to exercise or Persantine thallium scan.

Providentially, the reports of the tests were all positive and the doctor gave her a date for the surgery. Also, some medications and nutrition had to be followed before the surgery takes place. Mrs. Ali Marium Hassem started to follow what her doctor recommended for pre-operational treatment.

She was soon going to get rid of her obesity and the embarrassment she faced till date. She had goosebumps before moving into the operation theatre. Even her friend was a little worried about her. Her friend chanted God’s name outside the operation theatre and waited until the surgery ended.

The surgery went in their favor and the doctor was happy to announce the same. He asked Mrs. Hassem for three days of stay in the hospital for some observatory purpose. He endorsed few medications and diet for her to follow for another six months.

It was a new and beautiful commencement for Mrs. Hassem in her life, where she looked more gorgeous and physically fit with zero obesity. Now she was poised about her looks. The nurses there were very caring towards patients. Mrs. Hassem and her friend were contented with the services that Cosmetic and Obesity Surgery Hospital Group delivered.

Mrs. Ali Marium Hassem,

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