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Mrs Hussain Tanzania
Cosmetic Surgery in India





“Hi, I am Mrs. Hussain from Tanzania. I took the decision of getting Liposuction surgery in India and I can very confidently say that it proved to be an extremely rewarding experience for me. Today I feel so good and confident about myself; particularly, about my appearance.”

“It is definitely good to feel young but for me, feeling young was not enough as I wanted to look young too. Being married for 20 years does have its own effects on a woman’s body. Same was with me. I used to feel disappointed, whenever I would look in the mirror. Despite using all kinds of creams and serums, I was not getting the desired results. One of my close friends, who have had a Cosmetic surgery done a year back suggested that I too should give it a try. She spoke very highly about the surgery and I could see the results on her. At the same time, I had read many cases, where these surgeries had gone wrong badly. Hence, I thought it would be better that I visit a Cosmetologist to know more. The visit proved turned out to be very beneficial as the Cosmetologist cleared most of my fears. It all sounded very good until I came to know the expenses.”

“As I had decided about the surgeries, I thought of finding out the costs of these surgeries in other countries. The country that drew captured my attention was India. The price difference between my country, USA, UK, and India was huge. The success rates of Cosmetic surgery in India were very appreciable. Along with this, another search option that grabbed my attention was a group called Cosmetic and Obesity Surgery Hospital India. While going through the group’s website, I read about many patients, who had shared their experiences. The services mentioned looked perfect for an in international patient. The happy patient testimonials boosted my decision and I sent an email. The response was quite spontaneous in which I received a very well-planned package and extremely low priced Liposuction Surgery in India. I gave a nod after which a representative of this group stayed in touch with me, while my visa letter, stay, traveling and tickets arrangement, appointments with the surgeon and everything was arranged. I was even offered to have a telephonic or video consultation with the surgeon.”

“After everything was in place, I travelled to India for the surgery. Upon arrival, the group’s representative received me at the airport and took me to the hotel. My appointment with the surgeon had been scheduled for the next day. The surgeon, I had been told was very experienced in this field. The surgeon evaluated me and listened to my requirements. He mentioned that today there are a lot of Cosmetic procedures possible, among which Liposuction is one of the most effectual ones. I was very relieved to know this. At the same time, the surgeon said that the outcomes differ from patient to patient and that I must keep my expectations very realistic. The representative of the group was there to help me by providing language translation services too.”

“On the day of the surgery, all went very well. The surgeon and team very efficiently prepared me for the procedure. To provide long-lasting results, the surgeon performed a Liposuction and removed fat deposits from thighs, and buttocks region of my body. With the help of the outstanding hospital staff, I had a breezy recovery, nor any pain nor did I face any complications. The surgeon and his team were extremely dedicated about my recovery.Soon I was ready to travel back home”

“Total credit goes to the adept surgeon and his team that I am so happy about the results. Overall, Liposuction Surgery in India worked wonders for me, and I would recommend Cosmetic and Obesity Surgery Hospital India to anyone, who is looking for any Cosmetic Surgery in India.”

Thank you
Mrs Hussain,Tanzania