Aurangabad Woman Zeenath Khan Undergoes Successful Bariatric Surgery through Crowdfunding

By | March 27, 2017

After successful bariatric surgery, Aurangabad woman Zeenath Khan with her husban and Dr. Ramen Goel

After undergoing a successful bariatric surgery under Dr. Ramen Goel, best doctor for bariatric surgery in Mumbai, Zeenath Kausar Khan was discharged from Wockhardt Hospital, Mumbai on Monday. She weighed around 148 kgs at the time of her surgery and was operated by Dr. Ramen Goel, best doctor for bariatric surgery in Mumbai and senior bariatric surgeon and Director, Center of Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery at Wockhardt Hospital.

Aurangabad based woman Zeenath Khan suffers from a genetic disorder which led to uncontrolled weight gain. Her BMI is 58.8 that puts her in super morbidly obese category. She also suffers from obesity induced breathlessness, knee and back pain and hypertension.

Here’s what she says, “I am looking forward to a significant weight reduction in the next few months. I am confident that I’ll be able to find a good job and support my family, once I lose weight and become healthy. Feeling stuck by my condition, I decided to take matters into my own hands and initiated a crowdfunding campaign to generate finances for my weight loss surgery in the first week of March. The campaign was called “Help Zeenath Khan undergo a bariatric surgery” that quickly went viral and collected Rs. 1.5 lakh through offline and online donations.”

Dr Ramen Goel, Senior bariatric surgeon and Director, Wockhardt Hospitals

According to Dr. Ramen Goel, best doctor for bariatric surgery in Mumbai, “Zeenath is a classic case of genetic obesity. Such patients cannot lose weight just by lifestyle modifications and hence they need medical intervention. She underwent sleeve gastrectomy in which her stomach size was reduced by 80%. In the last five days, she has already lost around 9kgs since her procedure. Following strict diet and medical regimen her weight can fall by 70 to 80kgs in a year. Weight reduction will help to alleviate her obesity related health issues.”

Zeenath is a graduate and was working as a teacher until her movements were restricted due to obesity. She has two children and her husband is a tailor. The family finds it difficult to make ends meet with a monthly income of Rs. 3000.

Taking about Zeenath and his first crowdfunding surgery, Dr. Ramen Goel, best doctor for bariatric surgery in Mumbai says that, “I met Zeenath at a camp in Aurangabad and realized that she is one of those patients who will never be able to undergo surgery but need it desperately. Although we waived off our charges, she needed Rs. 1.5 lakhs as pharmacy and consumable charges. People contributing for a weight loss surgery show the maturity of the society. Apparently, obesity seems like a self inflected problem and a lot of people do not think it as a disease and as they believe the patient is responsible for it. Poor people who can’t afford meal twice a day are also getting obese which means it is not a lifestyle issue but a disease.”

Taking about her condition before the surgery, Zeenath says, “I was body-shamed and people used to make fun of my weight. I suffered from joint pain whenever I attempted to walk. Post surgery, I am feeling fresh and can walk properly. I’ll say it’s my second life. I will also make it a point that once I’m home, I’ll make people aware about obesity and the myths surrounding it.”

Zeenath’s husband accompanied her for the surgery and says, “I’m happy that her surgery is successful. I’ll see to it she takes her medicines and food on time.” Zeenath has a bag full of praises for Wockhardt Hospital and Dr. Ramen Goel, best doctor for bariatric surgery in Mumbai. For Free consultation with Dr. Ramen Goel

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    People often confuse Bariatric Surgery with liposuction and when they hear that diet will be less, they think that dieting alone will work but Bariatric S urgery.

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    Dr Raman Goel is one of a very good Bariatric Surgeon having performed sleeve surgeries on some Omani patients with excellent results….


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