“Plastic Surgeon in Delhi Truly Changed My Life” says Breast Enlargement Surgery Patient from Mozambique

By | April 21, 2017

Breast Enlargement Surgery Patient from MozambiqueHi my name is Sheryl and I am Mozambique. I recently went through the cosmetic procedure called breast enlargement surgery. All thanks to Dr. Rashmi Taneja who treatment with great care and professionalism giving the best outcome of the surgery. The entire procedure was carried out with great perfection surpassing all my expectations set from this surgery. My life was in a big mess as my body was not in a perfect shape. All thanks to my bad breast shape, I consulted cosmetic expert, and he advised me to go for a surgery. Though I have tried certain non-surgical options like massage and other things but nothing really worked and I finally made my mind to go for a breast enlargement surgery. I was wondering as to where can I get the high quality healthcare services when I came across Dr. Rashmi Taneja who is an expert Plastic Surgeon in Delhi. I checked her profile and other things and convinced that I should go to India for the breast enlargement surgery.

I further browsed and found out a group which deal with medical tourism. I discussed my case with them and demanded only to have the breast enlargement surgery in India with Dr. Rashmi Taneja only.  The Medical Tourism Company assured for the same and then started the process to plan my breast enlargement surgery in India seeking the help of Dr. Rashmi Taneja as my best plastic surgeon in delhi for the same. They helped me to get the medical visa and when things worked, I went ahead to pack my bags and fly to India for the breast enlargement surgery in India. They picked me from the airport straightway carried out to the hotel and gave enough time to settle down before I finally met my plastic surgeon in Delhi – Dr. Rashmi Taneja. I discussed my case with her, she assured me for the positive result and made me feel at home to gain the confidence.

Finally my day of breast enlargement surgery appeared and I was taken to the operation theatre. The doctor was there she made me comfortable and calm as I was a bit nervous. Soon the surgery started I noticed the perfect outcome of the same when I completed the breast enlargement surgery. So, with little time as I started settling down with the recovery seeking the help of Dr. Rashmi Taneja post my surgery, I came to know that there is nothing to regret as my doctor has done everything to make me presentable before the world.  I am simply elated with the surgery outcome and like to thank my doctor – Dr. Rashmi Taneja who left no stone unturned to make me in a right shape. She did the surgery with a great perfection. So, I highly recommend breast enlargement surgery, in India provided you go with top doctors like Plastic Surgeon in Delhi Dr. Rashmi Taneja.

And above all my healthcare partner deserves all rounds of applauds for giving me such a high quality healthcare services at much of the affordable cost. My entire breast enlargement surgery was carried out with great care and professionalism. I was really happy with their welcome attitude which made them give me everything I want in an alien country.  Right from arranging my local travel to food, my stay, and my appointments with doctor, my medical tests and everything was so perfectly carried out by the company that I felt lucky to seek their help with great care and professionalism. Now, I can recommend everyone to consider their cosmetic surgeries like breast enlargement surgery in India and that too from top doctors like Dr. Rashmi Taneja, female plastic surgeon in delhi  who is simply the best. In fact, my life changed with this lady coming into my life as she has managed to carry out the surgery with utter professionalism and perfection.

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