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Dr. Milind Wagh

Dr. Milind Wagh-Hiranandani Hospital

Dr. Milind Wagh
MBBS , M.S (General Surgery),
M.Ch (Plastic Surgery)
Best Plastic Surgeon in India
Hiranandani Hospital

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Dr. Milind Wagh

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E-mail id of Dr. Milind Wagh, Best Plastic Surgeon in India
Number for appointment with Dr. Milind Wagh: +91-9373055368​​

Dr Milind Wagh is a qualified Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon with an extensive experience of more than 17 years. He performs the entire spectrum of Cosmetic surgical procedures from face-lifts, blepharoplasties, ear-shaping, rhinoplasties and other facial cosmetic surgeries to body contouring and cosmetic breast surgery. He specializes in body-sculpting procedures, breast reshaping and surgical facial rejuvenation.

The Best Plastic Surgeon World, Dr. Milind Wagh has started private practice after his return from Melbourne. His main field of interest in that period was Reconstructive Hand and Microsurgery with an extensive experience of over 20 years. Dr. Milind Wagh reviews from patients were excellent and satisfactory.

Dr. Milind Wagh has successfully performed plastic surgery on patients from 52 countries around the globe which included several patients from the USA, Mexico, Canada, New Zealand, UK, Australia, Spain, Norway, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Nigeria, Tanzania, Kenya, Burundi, South Africa, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Israel, Argentina, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Kuwait, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Myanmar, Japan, Bangladesh, Vietnam and Korea.


  • MBBS

  • M.S (General Surgery)

  • M.Ch (Plastic Surgery)


Brief Bio:


1) Reconstructive Hand and Microsurgery AND Trauma Reconstruction

  • Free tissue transfers- emergency and elective

  • Replantations and revascularisations of amputated limbs and digits

  • Clinical applications and future possibilities in composite tissue allotransplantations for complex defects.

  • Expanded / Prefabricated free tissue transfer in functional reconstruction as well as aesthetic surgery.

  • Physiology and clinical applications of the process of controlled angiogenesis.

  • Congenital hand anomalies --- salvage of function & rehabilitation.

  • Functional reconstructions in post burns hand and extremity deformities.

  • Cosmetic rehabilitation using plastic surgery including tissue expansion, free tissue transfers & Prefabricated flaps in severe composite tissue losses in burns.

  • Complex post-traumatic hand injuries and reconstructions / rehabilitation.

  • Mechanics of tendon transfers in peripheral nerve injuries, brachial plexus injuries and post-infective palsies.

  • Functional and aesthetic reconstructive options in post- ablative defects in Head-Face-Neck tumours including composite free tissue transfers.

2) Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

  • Breast augmentation by breast implants

  • Aesthetic Breast reduction surgeries

  • Breast ptosis correction (correction of sagging breasts)

  • Aesthetic rhinoplasty and nasal cosmetic surgery

  • Body contouring and Liposculpture by surgical lipectomies, body lifts and liposuction

  • Blepharoplasty (Aesthetic eyelid surgery)

  • Eyelid Ptosis correction

  • Soft tissue filling and contour corrections by fat injections and use of fillers.

  • Facelifts, Browlifts, Necklifts

  • Surgical and non-surgical facial rejuvenation

  • Ear reconstruction in congenital absence /deformities and acquired deformities

  • Dermabrasion for facial contour deformities, acne scars etc