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By | January 11, 2018

Dr. Lakdawala – Father of Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric or Obesity surgeries have becomes highly prevalent today. As the number of obese patients is rising continually, so is the pressure on the medical science to invent more innovative ways to control the issue of Obesity. Thus, along with medical experts and researchers, Bariatric surgeons across the world are putting their best to help the people weighed down by Obesity.
One such dedicated Bariatric doctor is Dr. Muffazal Lakdawala, who is one of the most renowned names in the field of Bariatric treatment. He is a graduate from the prestigious Grant Medical College in Mumbai, and earned his Masters in Surgery from BYL Nair Hospital. He also went to get further training in Bariatric surgery at Cleveland Clinic, Ohio and at University of Ghent Hospital in Belgium. Not only this, he is also trained in advanced Colorectal Cancer surgery in Seoul, Korea and is on the board of Asian Endosurgery Task Force (AETF).
He is the founder of Digestive Health Institute founded as Centre for Obesity and Digestive Surgery (CODS), which is the Centre for Excellence in Bariatric Surgery. Additionally, he is the Chairman of Institute of Minimal Access Surgical Sciences and Research Centre at Saifee Hospital in Mumbai.

Best Obesity Surgeon

Most Experienced Laparoscopic Bariatric Surgeon in India

In a career of 15 years, Dr. Lakdawala has been quite an achiever – has relieved numerous patients of that excess fat, be it in India, or abroad. He is a trained Laparoscopic surgeon, and specialises in Bariatric surgery and GI (Gastrointestinal) Oncology surgery. Globally, he is highly known his pioneering work in the field of scar-less Bariatric surgery and is also an enthusiastic researcher in the field of Diabetic surgery.

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Furthermore, Dr. Lakdawala is extremely committed to mentoring and training younger surgeons and is a Professor at the Maharashtra University of Health Sciences. He regularly runs live surgery workshops and is the only surgeon, who has been invited to conduct workshops in almost every Asian country like Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Bangladesh, China, South Korea, Sri Lanka and Middle East. Not only this, he has the maximum number of publications about Bariatric surgery in India to his credit.

Success rate of Laparoscopic Bariatric Surgery by Dr. Lakdawala

The US based Surgical Review Corporation (SRC) awarded Dr. Lakdawala the first international centre of excellence designation. This recognition is undeniably the results of his long term efforts, which has today placed him as the top Bariatric surgeon of India. He has, till date, performed the most number of singe incision Sleeve Gastrectomy surgeries in the world, with a very high success rate. His medical institute CODS is highly reputed for having 100 percent success rate and has performed almost 4,000 weight loss surgeries in a span of just 9 years and still counting.

Success Story

Dr. Lakdawala has handled cases of many well-known personalities but one of the many cases that were in the news recently was about Eman Ahmed from Egypt. Known to be world heaviest woman, at 500 kilos at an age of 36, Eman Ahmed couldn’t imagine of her life being anywhere near comfortable with the excessive weight. When she was brought to Saifee Hospital, India for treatment, she was suffering from multiple health hazards including severe uncontrolled hypothyroidism, right-sided Heart failure, Kidney and Liver failure, obstructive and restrictive Lung disease, gout, bed sores, urinary tract infection, right-sided paralysis and inability to speak coherently or swallow liquids. But with the stringent efforts, experience and proficiency of Dr. Lakdawala and his team, she lost 324 kilos and the functioning of her bodily functions was restored.

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The above mentioned attributes show and prove the unmatched competency and proficiency of Dr. Lakdawala and there are hordes of patients, who would want to get cured by him. He is currently associated with Saifee Hospital in Mumbai and his institute, CODS, where he is serving his patients with the perfect amalgamation of excellent medical infrastructure and outstanding cure.
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